Competitive Factor Industrial
Design within the Product

For decades companies have globally used industrial design as one of  the most important instruments of their success.
Especially in long-term lifecycles design is a strategical element as well as a proximate factor of the profitability within the development and production of high grade assets.

Not only mere formality:
Successful Product Design

Competitive and enduring operating products require a specific design profile and an individual statement of the company`s corporate identity.
If self-contained esthetics and emotional factors are combined with logical functionality and qualified ergonomics, a long-lasting success and an ultimate acceptance within the market can be guaranteed for a product.

Our Competences

We develop interdisciplinary and complete design solutions for single products, small batch and large-scale series. We develop concepts for products, we build Prototypes and we ensure the maturity phase. Therefore we use new materials, methods and processes which all guarantee the maturity phase and long lifecycles of a product.
Over the last three decades, in the field of transportation (aircraft, automotive, ships, and railed vehicles), industrial goods and corporate identity, we have successfully designed products like aircraft cabins and cockpits, pilot seats, sport cars, boilers and high-speed trains. A few contracts have been in co-operation with research institutes.
Our experienced designers, engineers and product developer are available for you at our designs studios iDS Hamburg and iDS Jork.